Endgame Sports Multi-Events, Inc.  is the brainchild of its founders, National Master/Atty. Cresencio V. Aspiras Jr., Grandmasters Eugene Torre and Jayson Gonzales, and  Chess Afficionados Jose Rodriguez and Ramir Libre.   Our aim is to bring together our individual strengths to optimize talent development and potential through various projects, tournaments, and events. We expect to expand our exposure to encompass sports, marketing, social and humanitarian endeavors. 



National Master

Founding President

Dear Members, Friends, Supporters, and Sponsors,

          I am very excited to be a part of this organization  as we look  forward to various events for the months and years to come.   Amidst these challenging times,   we remain hopeful that  through everyone’s participation and support, we can organize events and promote various sports.   As the name of the organization indicates, chess would be the main focus of activities.  It is our goal however to expand our projects to include other activities, including supporting civic and humanitarian endeavors.

         It is the goal of Endgame Sports to encourage the youth to keep on focusing their training to attain new heights.  It is only in being persistent in one’s development that a player can see progress.  For the Masters level, it is a chance  to enhance the playing prowess of  our not so young players. 

         As we take this journey together, I am honored to invite everyone to become a part of this endeavor, be in your capacity as member, supporter, friend, or sponsor. 


Phils'. 9th Grandmaster

Executive Deputy President


Asia's 1st Grandmaster

Vice President for External Affairs



Mr. Rodriguez is a chess aficionado who played for the Ateneo Chess Team during his college days from  1982 to 1986, and was team captain in his last year at the UAAP Chess.


After attending Ateneo High School, he  finished AB Economics in 1986,  also  under a full scholarship.  He then joined the company leaders in the electronic industry, such as Panasonic and Philips.  Eventually, he set up his own company, Bravo Tech Trading & Eng’g Services, which is now a leading player in the Heating, Ventilation, and Airconditioning (HVAC) industry in the country. 


Joey as he is fondly known is a self-made man, with humble beginnings being a product of the public school system. He is active in socio-charitable work and a co-founder of Endgame Sports Multi-Events Incorporated, a non-profit organization that aims to discover, develop chess talents and promote chess and other sports.



Mr. Ramir Libre is an experienced  senior manager. He worked with several multinational and local companies like Philips,Singer,  and others. He took his MBA at DLSU. He is currently connected with one of the top insurance and investment companies in the Philippines as Sales Manager.   


Among his current focus is the development of youth and their potential.  No wonder he readily agreed to co-found Endgame Sports, since it is a venue for the development of talent, especially the youth. 

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